Fresh off the interview series, I went into a set of internal interviews today where I tried to close during each interview. I said the words in almost every interview: "I want an offer and here's why..." but I didn't say them confidently and question if they actually heard the word "offer."

The challenge was that I rank this position #4 out of the internal jobs I'm interviewing for. I know I'm not supposed to do this, don't know how to "unrank" them in my head, and I do want an offer even if I don't want the job. There's a strange barrier to me saying that I want an offer feeling like I'm being dishonest because I've ranked this my #4 internal job.

So damage control... can I still close in a thank you email or note? I know this is not ideal, but could it help a little? Hurt a lot?

Something to the extent:


Dear X,

I appreciate your time today and I am excited at the opportunity to work in your group. I want an offer and here's why: the job really leverages my x,y, z skills and will keep me challenged and provide growth opportunities. I also think my experience is a perfect match for where the organization is and I can really close the gap between senior management and employees.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Thoughts? If this is worth a shot, would you hand write all this in a note?