I want to share a great post in the Tom Peters site about Command & Control:

Have a look.


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thanks for pointing this out. The comments are very interesting too.


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I'm sorry this has taken me so long. I regret my absence.

I fundamentally agree. One key difference between the EASIER, more autocratic, controlling style of of leading and managing and the more collaborative, sharing, influencing style more prevalent today: In the old way, you know when you've made a decision, and announcing it not only makes you feel powerful but reaffirms the power the organization had vested in you/your role.

When you collaborate, ideas grow, morph, evolve in ways that quickly untether them from the original author or genesis idea. So, LESS OFTEN (but still frequent) will you be announcing your idea: more often the group will come to a consensus and you may state the obvious consensus. This is a less power-affirming, less power-announcing process. And ,there are some people for whom power, and others' perception of it, are important factors.

It's harder to be a servant, because we are human, and not always wise.