Hello All,

I am new to managers tools and am looking for answers to a hiring question.  I am an individual contributor who declined an offer a little over 4 months ago due to compensation issues.  I since have worked hard to get into a better financial position to accept the original offer if it were extended to me today.  My questions are as follows:

1- How would you make contact with the HR recruiter so see if they still have a need for this position?

2- How do you go about explaining why you have changed your mind?  I did explain my family situation when I declined the and expressed my desire to join the organization had my circumstances been different and/or the compensation be a bit greater.

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Just contact the recruiter. Their business is connecting people with jobs. You're in the first part. They do the second part. That's their job. You don't need to get "this job." You're looking for "some job like this job."

Unless you'd turn down the exact same offer from a different employer, in which case, none of this answer applies.