First, I greatly appreciate the new forum pages.

I was exposed the DISC concept 15+ years ago by the company at that time. As a sales person I found extremely valuable in developing relationships with clients. Most of my customers were High C or High I and I am a High D.

For those with an interest there several online sites where you can have your profile measured. The first I looked at charged a modest $25 and after a 10-15 online survey, provided an immediate report with categorization and example.

Keep up all the good work.


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Glad you like the forum! It was all Mike, I assure you.

It's our intent to start rolling out tools, many of which will use DISC info, and we will be offering similar services here soon enough.

Stay tuned!


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DISC really is a thread that is woven throughout your podcasts.

My Engineer high C side has a suggestion (that will help me file all of the information effectively :D ) on the supporting notes that accompany the podcasts. Without over analysing the message; and reflecting the fact that all people like all content and actually made up of ALL themes from DISC, it might be useful to highlight the dominant DISC theme that the 'cast challenges/benefits from.

That will allow those of us who have taken a profile recently to get a sense for challenging it might be to action the learnings that we glean.

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Bridge Too Far.

(Please consider this a joke, and in all humor, there is truth.)