How do you start doing "DISC"? Do you have to pay? Is there a free trial somewhere?


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There's no free trial that I know of, but here are a couple of thoughts:

1. For one person, there are plenty of sites on the web that will do it for $20 or thereabouts. Hopefully that's doable.

2. If you want to do it for a whole team, it's still about the same (some volume discounts available), but you must be VERY careful about giving everyone the instrument and not having someone explain it. It's the training/consulting part that is a little pricey. I get $3,000 for a day of it, others only charge $500. I've seen really really good $500 efforts, and ones that ought to have been shot for posing as someone intelligent.

If you don't have someone explain it, your people WILL see it as a personality thing, and people don't think they can change their personalities, and it becomes a label and a weapon and an excuse for everyone's failings (High D's are now authorized to be rude, High I's are supposed to be forgiven for missing deadlines, High S's are now fine to resist all change, and High C's delaying indefinitely for more data is to be "respected.")

We intend to provide DISC profiles online, through Manager Tools, but are trying to figure out the balance. That said, it won't happen this year, I don't think.


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Thank Mark.

I understand that you can more harm than good if you try and shortcut DISC.

I'm looking something that would take about an hour or two in a team meeting and accomplish basically the same thing as DISC. Maybe something like "Just My Type"

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Errr... not so sure about that game. Those things tend to increase labeling, and often are forgotten in a month or two.

If you're going to spend $200 bucks, far better for you to have everyone do the DISC profile, and spend some time yourself thinking about what you want them to get out of it. You could take the four podcasts we did and extract some basics. If you wanted to play the casts for everyone, with them now knowing what style they are, the rights attached to the show are such that they would each need to register at our website.

And the real value of any such instrument is ongoing attention and reminders. That changes it from a diversionary effort into a behavior changing investment.