I recently resigned my role due to the lack of childcare as a result of COVID-19. In short based on the current projection we are looking at 5 months without day care, two parents who work(ed) full time, and two kids 3 and 1 year old. It just wasn't sustainable with the workload I was attempting to manage.

My question: As I begin to apply for new roles, should I include a short explanation of why I am no longer employed in my cover letter or on my resume? Is COVID-19 unique enough to make a difference? Does it mattter or should I just let it go? My thought is yes so employers don't think I was fired, but my wife who proofread my cover letter thought I should remove it.  

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As someone who has hired a lot of people over the years I think mentioning COVID's effect on your child care situation is reasonable. Any time there is a gap in employment you'll want to explain. That belongs in the cover letter, not the resume. Resumes are reserved for accomplishments, responsibilities, etc.

I've hired several folks who had family issues that prevented them from working. Maybe I'm the exception but I don't see that as a disqualifier in the least.

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I would explain it as well. Would you want to work for a company that doesn't see prioritizing your family, especially during these uncertain COVID times? As a matter of fact, I'm looking into remote work opportunities. I've worked remotely for over a year now and it does take discipline, but it is very doable. I think more companies are going this route and providing flexibility as long as you are in fact productive, of course.

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Care, health and safety are the utmost concern of employers facing this Covid 19. Working remotely is kinda a lot of adjustment and a challenge but it is a blessing. 

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Being honest and being able to communicate such situation is an edge. Because this shows that there is willingness to improve, learn and adapt and at the same time persevere.