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Howdy Folks, I'm curious if anyone here is currently using an e-ink tablet like the Kindle Scribe, Remarkable 2 or Supernote X for  note taking?  I love the idea of being able to easily store, sync and search notes for retrieval from any device.  It also seems like an easy way to organize O3 folders and daily or project related notes.  They all seem to have options for importing template files 03's, cambidge note taking, etc...which seems useful.

I like that these are fairly distraction free options with the portability of a tablet.  But, they are pricey, so I'm curious if anyone here is using them with templates and what your experience has been?

Thank you

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I love my Remarkable 2 for everything I used to use a notebook for. You can leverage PDFs or use the note templates available with the device. I have it sync with my laptop, cellphone, and Samsung Tablet which is seemless. Note, there is now a subsription fee for this service. 

The biggest thing to realize is that it will be another device you all the time, similar to having a notebook with you. For me, that wasn't a big deal, but for others I have talked to, it was an annoyance. 

With the Remarkable, they have a really easy file system, similar to a typical tree structure, though you can also tag notebooks and make them favorites for easier access. 

Bottom Line: For me, I went from multiple notebooks, scraps of papers, and a ream of paper across my desk down to one easy to use/portable device that I can't live without!  

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Do you find it useful for note taking during 1:1's?  If so, where you able to import the MT form fairly easily and use that?  It seems like there are several good options for note taking, with the Remarkable 2 being high up on the list. I haven't seen much about the use of forms though.

Thanks EB

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I'm curious about this use too.  I did show my wife the Remarkable in hopes she would see the value and replace her notes on scraps of paper, back of envelopes and sticky notes for both personal and business.  I do have a physical reaction when she starts looking for a note she made and she can't remember what it was on or where it might be.  :) 

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Hey all, I use my ReMarkable to replace all my note taking... it's amazing. One thing to note, it's best to work on perfecting your workflow to maximize it's effectiveness, the OCR text search is great, unless you have horrible handwriting like me!

Specifically for 1:1s, I used to build customized PDFs for each year. I copy that one per associate and it keeps everything nice and organized.