Does anyone know of audio or video recordings of an effective meeting that I should share with colleagues to show them what a well-run meeting could be like? They have 3 hour meetings with "fuzzy" agendas, no goals or action items, no parking lot, etc.





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RicardoShane - I don't immediately have a audio or video of an actual effective meeting or a mock meeting to share, of a Manager Tools Effective meeting. You've probably already heard the Effective Meetings series of podcast episodes from Manager Tools. If not then follow the link to the first one here:

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There are a lot of videos that you can search. You may wanna checkout soapbox.

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I have seen soapbox and there are helpful insights regarding conducting meetings effectively and efficiently. There is also a mock meeting that you could probable use to improve your meetings. 

Effective meetings would only last 20 minutes max. More than that, it would be a disaster ;D