Just listened to this cast - some great advice not just from a candidate stance, but also from a hiring manager's perspective setting the parameters for the timing of the arrival of prospective hires.  One thing mentioned was Murphy's Law and I thought I would share my own personal brush with Mr Murphy in an interview.

I had taken the afternoon off which gave me plenty of time to get to my interview at Canary Wharf in London for 3pm.  Just before I set off from the office I thought I would quickly clean my teeth (I live in the north of the UK so had an overnight stay planned).   I plunged my hand into my wash bag and promptly sliced the end of my index finger off with my razor! 

Undaunted I made my way across the city for the interview but was unable to stem the blood flow.  In an attempt to set myself up for success, just before the interview I placed a tissue in my pocket so at regular intervals I could pop my hand in my pocket and wipe the blood from my finger (during the interview this did draw the odd stare!).  The worst moment came when I was attempting to illustrate a point that I was making by 'drawing' a plan on the table in front of me and when I looked down there was a neat gannt chart in my own blood.

End of the tale - I got the job - possibly as they liked my resilience in the face of adversity although possibly out of morbid curiosity ;)

Any other stories from the contributors of a similar ilk?