I am in an upper management position in a small business. I was hired to " take over" management for my superior so she can go part time after learning her tasks and was asked to both identify problems and give new insight to the current business model.That model being a very unique hierarchy of three partners ( both physicians) and one office manager( my boss who is married to one of the physicians ). After almost a year we have had one if the partners leave due to a conflict of management strategies with his partners wife ( my boss). After taking half the staff with him, I've had to take extra duties to manage the front lines along with learning management tasks. My boss who is now nothing less than emotionslly damaged by the whole ordeal makes inconsistent management decisions largely based on emotion , little evidence or research on issues( medical record laws, insurance contacts and hospital policies ) and makes alliances with staff largely focused on personal relationships. She has requested numerous times that I step in to learn important duties but never delegates time to teach me. I am faced with both entry level duties and with the (grunt ) management duties like typing agendas and minutes , resolving small everyday staffing issues and training amongst many other small duties. When I spearhead meetings and try to develop personal relationships with key people she has ruined my efforts by getting involved( even when the managing partners ask her to let me handle it). When I've approached her about my concerns she agrees that she had to teach me but then proceeds to plan small vacation trips and continues to reduce her hours;Forcing me to manage as I can day to day but in constant need to reach out to her because of the lack of information I have to effectively make decions without her presence. Naturally, I fear going to the remaing partners because they are both personal friends and she is married to one of them.
~Clueless to what to do next