Not sure if anyone else this problem. But I get tons of new links in my RSS feed for the forum in my email, but when I actually come to the forum, the forums never show any new messages even though I can browse to them. Is this working for everyone else? Any ideas why?

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Stupid question, I know ... but I assume you're logged in when you first come to the board, yes? Otherwise, the board won't show you your new posts. This would be the default behavior unless you clicked the "log me in automatically" checkbox on the login screen.

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Yup, forgot to mention that. Its weird, even if I press the posts since last visit, nothing shows up. I'll clear out the cookies and cache in my browser to see if that helps...

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Mike, since you brought it up - this feature does not work for me. Is there an ie setting the prevents it from functioning?

I enter my login, check the box and enter the forum. The next time I have to login manually.

Not a big deal. M-T is definitely worth it!


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Do you have cookies enabled? They need to be enabled on your browser for the automatic login function to work.