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I have been practicing Manager Tools trinity for at least eight years and I feel it has been the single best thing I have adopted as a manager.

I have been struggling with something as of late. I run into successful executives at my company who do not have regular Staff Meetings or One-on-ones. I am always taken aback by this fact. I used to think, wow, how are they getting anything done?  Recently though, I have been wondering more about how these people become a an executive at a Fortune 100 company without having what I believe to be essential management instruments in place?  

I know this is a tough question to answer, but I am hopping to spur some conversation about the value in staying the course with the Trinity.  

l am looking forward to hearing you experiences and opinions. 


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] "how are they getting anything done" [... without having what I believe to be essential management instruments [?]

There are multiple paths to success. Logically, if you do x then y is a NOT the same as if you achieved y then you did x. For example, if today is Tuesday then I will go to the not the same as "I went to the store so today must be Tuesday."

That said, however, if you apply MT/CT practices you will achieve better results.  MT/CT has hard data backing the recommendations in the podcasts.  While I believed myself to be a skilled manager prior to knowing and applying Manager Tools practices, I am a *better* manager and know my continual growth and team results are better due to what I have learned.


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MT only claims to be for 90% of people, 90% of the time.  There are plenty of people who are able to be very successful without MT because they have their own ways of doing things that have brought them results and retention worthy of these positions.

Equally, I believe that some folks are just so naturally good at 'managing up', that their managers are really not aware of their shortcomings.  (This is helped by a lack of good management).   Some of these folks jump from position to position so quickly that they aren't 'found out' before they have moved onwards and upwards.

Not everything in the World is fair.   Some things don't seem fair, but they actually are if you can find the right lens to look at them through.

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