I came to the United States in July of 2008 after graduating from College in Germany. Since I did not receive my employment authorization until February of 2009 there is a gap on my resume and I am not sure how to address it. Obviously my education section states that I went to College in Germany and my first job was here in the US but it didn't start until 2009 so I'm not sure if this causes issues? Will they think I was unemployed and I'm trying to hide it?

Would it be better if I addressed this in the cover letter and if so how would I phrase it? Because to me it sounds like I was an illegal alien at the time (which I wasn't).

Any pointers?

Thank you all in advance.

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I do not see a problem with showing that your education ended in 2008 and your first job started in 2009.  If it comes up in an interview I would stake that you were unemployed for a period of time while you were waiting for work visa  I do not see a reason to draw any additional attention to it.  I would be prepared to describe what you were doing during this time.  Did you travel, volunteer  take continuing education classes?  I would not want to hear that we just sat on a friend's couch playing video games for six months.

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Thank you SCM2423. It's actually very funny that you would mention the playing video games as that is what I did part of the time :-) However, I actually helped my parent's in law at their game store so I guess that is something I could mention if I do get asked about it.


Thank you!