If you are a CEO, were a CEO (hypothetically), would you care if your bottom level employees wrote you to say thank you for the leadership?

I don't want to come off as brown-nosing or pester. I know the place my gratitude is coming from isn't to "take from," it is to "give to" by saying thank you. My thought is also, if they were a great leader, they probably would have systems in place (David Allen type) to not let my message or any other person's "pester" them. Any one have experience doing this?

So, what say you? I'm sure there is a podcast for it, so if you know it, link would be appreciated.


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I would recommend, NO, against sending a Thank You note to a CEO for something as general as Leadership. It might come off as sucking up. You don't have a relationship with the CEO.

If, however, you have interacted with the CEO personally and/or the CEO did something that had a particular impact on you then you could do that.

I am suggesting that it should be something that the CEO might remember and ascribe to you or your department. Something that might bring your face to mind.

Examples :

It was very nice to see you at the Team Building retreat last week. I'd like to thank you for introducing me to John Smith while we were at the breakfast table. He is a valuable person to know in our organization.

Thank you for meeting with my team last week. I asked you a few questions and I appreciate your direct answers to my inquiry.

Thank you for your personal recognition of the success of Project X that I was a part of. My team and I really appreciate the pat on the back.

Thank you for the Bonuses that you approved for my Supervisor. It was a welcomed development and really lifted my spirits and the the spirits of the whole department.

Thank you for the Flowers that you sent when I got sick last month. It was a warm gesture.

I hope that this helps.

Good Luck