Thanks guys for such a valuable resource! I'm still absorbing all the podcasts. Very valuable information- thanks for taking the time to do this.

I live in Alexandria, LA with my wife and 3 year old daughter. I serve as a collections manager for a New Orleans based bank with 10 direct reports. The last year has been an extreme challenge as a result of Katrina. Even though my town is 200 miles inland, our small office swelled from 12 employees to about 35 when the I.T. department for the bank relocated to Alexandria after the storm. Other departments from our home office relocated to different Loan Production Offices like ours around the South. Despite the tight quarters, lack of communication, and loss of half our staff, we are overcoming a 28 million dollar loss through the efforts of great leaders and management.

The I.T. department will be moving to our new home office in Baton Rouge this weekend, and life will get somewhat back to normal in the next few weeks. I finally get my office back! (a very small sacrifice compared to what many or our employees went through).

I'm also building a wedding photography business on the side. Feel free to check it out my photo journal (blog) at [url][/url]. I'm sure Manager-Tools will greatly help my abilities in both ventures. Can't wait to learn everything you have to offer, and I'll gladly pay for a subscription when it's offered.


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Welcome, :D

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Welcome aboard! We're excited to have you, and glad you're getting value from our work.

Your story reminds me of why I wish news coverage and the business press was different than it is today. I'd love to see stories about how businesses are dealing with Katrina... with storied like yours, of cramped spaces, and managers coping with MORE stuff.

Fascinating... let us know how we can help.