In the Manager-tools basics "Delegation" section, there's a big distinction made between assigning projects to your staff and delegating projects

- when assign projects, the direct doesn't have a choice

- when you delegate projects, the direct does have a choice

- you need to delegate projects in order for the org to be more productive

So what happens if the direct starts a project and then decides they don't want to keep it? If it's not "assigned" work, don't they keep the right to say no? 

AND, if the org NEEDS to delegate in order to grow, doesn't that mean the projects delegated are in fact NEEDED? And doesn't that make them more like assigned tasks?


what I'm asking really is, when does a delegated project cross over into an assigned project that you can say "this is your job"?


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They do a good job of explaining the difference in this cast.

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