My wife and I have finally decided to take a chance and move south from Pittsburgh,PA to the Austin, TX area. We've decided that my wife is going to stay home and play mom for a while with our 5 year old and we are planning on adopting from China in the near future.

What I am looking for mostly are suggestion on how to conduct this type of job search. Obviously, my resume needs to be tight. Once this is done, which way should I go? Monster? Recruiters? Mass mailings to all companies in Austin?

My background is: MBA with 10 yrs. experience; Currently, I am a Operations Finance Manager w/ 3 directs; I have finance/consulting/management experience in the manufacturing/building supplies/retail/wireless industries.

Currently, my wife and I combined make just about $100K. We are expecting to lose about half of that with the move, unless I can get something that pays better than $50K. We are prepared to take the cut in pay for a greater degree of happiness.

Any direction you (or anyone else out there!) could provide would be much appreciated.


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I am in Pittsburgh and would be happy to spend some time with you working on your resume. I also have some contacts in and around Austin in the technology sector I would be happy to put you in touch with.

E-mail me privately through the system, or e-mail me at my personal address at linktosean at

My wife and I are current in relo mode as well, but headed to MN.