we discussed about giving feedback to employee/subordinates/collegues.

What about customers/client that are paying you and with whom you MUST cooperate in order to achieve the targets, and without this cooperation you may fail?
Is it right to apply the feedback model to them if their behaviour is non cooperative (missed deadlines, action negotiated but not taken from their side etc.)?

what do you think?
dismiss the customer is presently not a good idea.


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even if I always value A LOT any feedback, I think that talking about customer/client relatioship we are moving to a persuasion / negotiation direction.

It's always a 'face to face' communication (that is GREAT) but with another goal: you are not 'coaching' them even if you want collaborate A LOT.

I'm not saying you DON'T have to give feedback, I say that you should pay attention and that probably this is not the main communication channel that I'd have with them.

My 2 euro-cents.