Hi All,

When at a meeting with new people it is common practise to go around the table and give an introduction.

What does everyone else say? How much detail should you give? Do you change your introduction depending on the meeting topic?

Any help is much appreciated.


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You should cite professionally relevant facts, possibly
* Your name
* Your role in the organization
* Your role in the meeting
* Your experience in the field

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Thanks rwwh,

I have always wondered because I have noticed very different approaches from two people at similar levels within the organisations.

Person A went for the complete approach:

- Name
- When they joined the company
- Their path through the company
- Current role

Person B goes for a very simple approach:

- Name & Role

I guess it would depend on the type of meeting your going to?

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I would definitely add the "when joined" and "path through" parts only when they are relevant to the meeting. I may also add education and previous employment in such cases. These are under "relevant experience in the field". What I am missing from both your A and B is "and I am in this meeting ....":
* to take notes
* because I have led this team before
* since I have experience with this subject
* to learn and share the facts in my team
* ...

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who I am
what I do
why I am here.
Each section expands to suit the meeting.

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"We do not see the world as it is, we see the world as we are."

The two different introductions are most likely the result of two different communications styles. More communications is better, so I would go with the longer style.

Hi there. I'm Brian Flynn and I manage the Solution Architecture department. Our role is to design and scope solutions for customer implementations. From this meeting, I'm looking for A and B.

Presuming a lot of things - that I don't already know everyone there and there isn't a strategic reason to withhold any of that information.

Don't give the introduction that says "Hi, I'm Bob. Everyone knows me." You know what? I just joined the company and I don't know you. But you didn't notice me and now I have no idea what you do.