I gave feedback to my bosses boss and I think I seriously damaged my relationship with him. Any suggestions on how to improve the situation? Obvious thing for me would be to put my head down and deliver results.

Having been in a new team for 2 months I was assigned to a big program my bosses boss was leading for a few weeks. I soon recognized a lot of things that put the program at risk. At least that was my impression from my 8 years of project experience as a team member, project manager and program manager. I talked this over with a befriended other program member and we wanted to give that information to my bosses boss. I informed my boss about this plan and he was ok with it, although he had some doubts about the effectiveness (my mistake not to stop here).

After giving the feedback, my boss and one of his peers who was the right hand of my bosses boss in leading the program, approached me and said that the feedback came about as arrogant and that I should care more for what I say and do in the program.

As I see it, I am now taken more and more out of the program and not considered in any important role.

I tried twice to approach my bosses boss for a direct feedback from him, but failed to get some time with him.

Definitively my fault. We do not have a strong feedback culture and skipping management levels is also not very common. Also my bosses boss tends to be a high C where I am a high D and of course I had no time yet to build a relationship with him. Knowing-Doing Gap.

It would be great if you had some suggestions!