Hello!  I'm helping a friend update her resume and am not sure how to include her community involvement. Her regular line of work is in the social work/family services field.  The volunteer work is related to this line of work (woman's shelter, home building charity).  So I feel like it does have value to include but I'm not sure where to fit it in on a M-T resume format.

Two options I've considered:

1. include these roles in the timeline like I would a job

2. add them after the job timeline but in the same format as a job


Thoughts?  Has anyone done this?


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I would include it in a separate section. Otherwise a recruiter might consider it work experience if it's interwoven in with other positions.

At the risk of being contrarian, I'd include volunteer work on a resume whenever space is available. I would think this is especially important in those organizations where civic involvement is expected of employees (Banks, utilities, etc.) or sales organizations where networking is important.