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Hi all, I was recently asked to support another team in the interim while we hire a replacement for an outgoing manager. The position is a totally different department, but the same title.If I were to take the position full time, it would be a lateral move. I accepted the role to support the department and expand my network with leaders in this new line of business.

It looks like I will have served in the role somewhere around 4-6 months by the time we onboard a replacement. Would you add this as a separate job title ("interim manager of customer service") with responsibilities and accomplishments on a resume, or as part of your current role? In the interim, I have kept the bulk of my original responsibilities as well as leading this new team.

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Separate if you can make room, and have sufficiently good accomplishments to highlight the two positions.  (Onboarding your replacement might be an accomplishment?)  Otherwise, note you held distinct concurrent manager positions.

Wendii or Mark might chime in with some standard phrasing that recruiters use/expect/look-for when someone holds two roles at once.  Maybe ask them by direct message, or by query through [email protected], and reflect the reply back here for us all to learn from?