When completing the post-interview follow-up process, whom do I direct it to?

I had completed a series of 4 interviews for an area director position. All interviewers listed above are employees of the firm I'm interviewing with. The VP is the hiring manager. If there is an offer, it will most likely be presented by the recruiter.

Interview#1 - Recruiter
Interview#2 - Consultant
Interview#3 - Consultant, HR, and current manager (group interview)
Interview#4 - VP (the person I would be reporting to)

To date, 5 days have passed since Interview #4 and hand-written notes have been sent to all.


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Follow up with all of them (with a special emphasis on the hiring manager). You never know what you'll learn about the process or the timetable from any of them. And remember: although you have every expectation that the hiring manager is "The Decider", you don't know for sure, because you're on the outside looking in...

Call 'em all.

And good luck!


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Thanks for the answer. I’ve made contact with everyone’s voice mail this week. Today the recruiter called me. The decision process is going to continue on into next week.
Plan to continue the follow-ups as outlined.
Thanks again

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My fingers are crossed - good luck!