I interviewed for a front-line supervisor position in my organization,  and I was asked "what is your management style?" I was not sure how to answer it since I don't have supervisory experience within the organization. I did run a small business with up to 5 employees before. This is a government position in compliance. What would be a good answer?

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I'd recommend spending some time using the resources on this website, specifically the podcasts. The term "management style" is so vague, possibly intentionally. You could choose whatever topic you're familiar with. You could talk about techniques, philsophies, communication, any one of the aspects of management. Not being sure how to answer the question suggests you might have little or no structured or organized management education.

A good response could trigger a discussion about shared interest or philosophy. If you do have management education, pick a topic you are familiar with and interested in. Otherwise if you do some research you'll probably find out that some of the ways you've approached management fit into one or more established methods so you'll be able to talk about it.

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Hi Jaime, 

We have a podcast that covers this quesiton in an interview.

I hope this helps!