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 Hi Everyone-

Is it appropriate (and okay) to send an updated resume to a potential employer?

I was laid off a couple of weeks ago and in the heat of the moment, I updated my resume and sent it out to some employers.  Since then, I have leveraged the MT resume (which is awesome btw) service and have made it more professional and more reflective of my experience.  

I would like to send to send updated copies out.  What are your thoughts on this?  How would you word the communication?



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The recruiter who gets the resume will ask, "what changed?"   You have to answer that question, and do it well.  

A cover letter that identifies a particular opening and how you can fulfill its requirements, with your updated resume, will resonate.  Just another copy of your resume on his/her desk won't help the recruiter fill the position. 

John Hack

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For any role you haven't been selected for, it's fine to send a revised resume. I probably wouldn't send it again for specific roles you've applied for, but I would use it it to check in with recruiters or anyone you've applied to speculatively.

In fact, it's a great way to start a conversation with a recruiter you've not worked with or not worked with some time ago: Hey, I thought you'd like to have my updated resume. Here's what's going on with me. I'll call you tomorrow to talk about how you see the market and what opportunities there might be for me.

You can do the same with everyone else you know - though you need to be careful to express it as 'professional update' not 'looking for a job' if you're in a job.