Hello all, I want to discuss my problem with you.When I'm in interview my confidence is decreasing everytime, I'm trying many time to recover it but no help. I want to know how can I tackle this problem.Please help me out. Give solution to improve my confidence.

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Do you own the Manager Tools Interview Series? There is a great deal of guidance on how to prepare for interviews...and with preparation comes confidence.

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I agree with tlhausmann - I purchased the Interview Series and it is well worth the price. It boosted my confidence and helped me realize some additional accomplishments I could describe during my interview.  $150US is nothing compared to the increased salary resulting from the promotion I received.

PS - don't tell Mark and Mike about value-based pricing - the Interview Series would cost me thousands.  I know sarcasm doesn't come through in text so I will now use an emoticon. ;) 

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You will feel more confident  and come across as such,  if you are clear in your own mind what you want at this stage in your career and what you have to offer. You need to be clear on your options, and clear on your value.


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The preparation recommended in the Interview Series will give you a better command of your background and experiences, so you can give better answers.

Is this really a question about not being confident about giving the answers you need to, or about personal anxiety?

For me, I tried to balance the feeling that "everything depends on this interview" with the view that "one of these interviews is going to pay off with a new, better job -- if it's not this one, maybe it'll be the next one." Don't think that your entire universe depends on giving the Perfectly Correct Answer to every question. Think of the interview as meeting someone and learning about a potential new job.