Hi Mike, Mark and MT Tools community,

The career tools Linkedin podcast says that recruiters & other people may find you on Linkedin, and you never know who is looking. Hence, I thought the podcast implied that profile setting should be public (i.e. anyone can see full profile) although the podcast doesn't directly address this.

I looked at Mark and Mike's linkedin profiles for a best practice example, and I see only the current job title & education institution name. I don't see any accomplishments or even past roles.

Is it best practice to keep the setting to limited information, and only people in your network can see your details?

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Hi Murat,

Yes, you do need to have your profile set to public to make it as searchable as possible. Some of the paid settings allow recruiters to see non-public information, but we used the free settings when I was a recruiter, so it's better to have the information you want seen as public.

Mike and Mark's (and my) profiles aren't great examples because their jobs aren't conventional. There are different concerns that they're working with.

I hope that helps,


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Hello Murat,

Wendii is correct! Make it public. You may search mine if you wish (link is below). I do not believe there is a perfect way to do it and I constantly monitor and update my profile as needed.

Best of luck,


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