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Hello all,

I need some advice in a sticky situation.  

A direct went around me about a hiring decision I was going to make to the CEO of the company with information he hadn't shared with me.  The CEO then made the decision, effectively removing me from the equation (even though the new employee will be working for me).   I will give feedback to the direct during our one on one later this week(I'm too mad right now to even attempt it...)  My question is, do I approach the CEO, describe the situation and see if I can work with him to help do this differently next time?  My direct has a dotted line to the CEO (who is the acting VP of Sales) so they work together on things in general.  I don't feel malice was involved here but it still irks me to no end that my hiring authority was undermined, even if it was the right decision and one I agree with, in light of the new information. 


All the best,



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 For the direct its simple. Direct feedback once you've cooled off is appropriate. 

For the boss, a lot of it depends on how well you've developed your relationship with him/her. If this is the first time it has happened, let it go. The decision has been made and you agree with it. I don't see a big gain in raising it. If it's a pattern, then you should consider raising it.

Only bring it up If you have a good relationship with your boss. You can't force your boss to change, so all you can really do is to assure him/her that the two of you are on the same page. 

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If the CEO chose to leave you out of the conversation, that's his/her choice. If you choose to give him/her feedback about this, it's probably a career-shortening strategy. I would let it go.

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Thanks.  I came to the same conclusion once I cooled off a bit.  



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