Hi everybody. I'm Lou, a technology consultant with a mid-size full service consulting company, living in Philadelphia. While my management experiences to date have focused on short to mid-term project management roles, I've found nearly every single item Mark and Mike have brought up to be valuable in my role.

From O3s to strategic thinking, these podcasts and forum discussions have helped me expand my thinking and enhance my actions. I look forward, in the near future, to moving into a management role with full-time staff and helping them develop. I have no doubt that the information I'm learning now will make me more effective when that day arrives.

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Welcome Lou! I visited Philadelphia a couple of years back and have very fond memories of a lovely city.[quote="you"] ... a management role with full-time staff and helping them develop.[/quote]
I think you'll find that is a very common goal shared by many of the podcast listeners and readers on this forum.