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I am looking for thoughts on how to conduct an O3 when the 'subordinate' is actually someone several layers up the chain of command.

I am in an odd situation. I'm currently running a project sponsored three levels above me. One of my team members is at the same level as the project sponsor. As I write up O3 plans and the invitation letter, it seems condesending to suggest this meeting to him. The parts about 10 minutes on the future, career, etc. seem especially wrong.

I can give details if needed, but I don't think they really matter other than the fact that this person is a very high D (Blackberry in the team meeting kind of D). I take care to make sure my requests are to the point and useful to him.


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Maybe frame the last ten minutes in terms of the project's future where he is concerned instead of his career? Make it about the project and ensuring you don't waste his time in 20 other ways when you can cover it in 30 minutes a week!

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If he works for you, do them. Make them 15-15, and leave out the future stuff.

Couch it as a "weekly update meeting." Start with, "what do you have for me, or need from me?" And then halfway, say, "here are my needs and questions."

Simple. He may balk, but keep trying. You're responsible for the project.