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Need your kind inputs on this topic. I have received complaints about the services provided by one of my direct reports. After analyzing the situation i noticed that these complaints were triggered by the lack of communication and not knowing how to manage client expectations.

I appreciate if you could share your practice on the topic. How did you handle it? Action Plan, Measurements, Feedback...

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When you don't communicate enough with the client, X happens. X depends on the person's communications style - see the sections on the DISC model. Example for a high C - When you don't communicate enough with the client, they don't know the work being done. They're not happy and treat us all like we don't know what we're doing. What can you do differently?

I was once told that the difference between an OK customer manager and a great customer manager was one phone call a week.

If you want to measure this - set up a metric to spend X time per week talking with the customer. You set it up with the customer too, there's no such thing as too much communications.