Hi guys. I'm finding your podcasts an excellent resource.

I have been working as an IT engineer/administrator for several years. I've recently done a career review and have decided I want to move into a management role.

Apart from one of your first podcasts, "solution to a stalled technical career", there hasn't been much talk of how people can "step up". In my current organisation, which has a very flat heirarchy, seniority seems to be based on time-served and waiting for someone to move on.

I know there's more to it than just hanging around till your boss leaves, and it would be great if you could cover this in an upcoming podcast.

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Thanks for the kind words, here and on your blog. We're glad you're getting a lot out of the casts, and that you've decided to pursue management opportunities.

Yes, we DEFINITELY have shows in the queue about becoming a manager. We believe this is an important career inflection point, and many people choose not to pursue managerial careers because they're not sure how.

As always, it's hard to say when they'll come out. We're going as fast as we can.

Thanks again,


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Quick recommendation: Tom Dolan has a presentation on this, called [url=]SIAM[/url], or "S***, I'm A Manager." You can read it as either a PowerPoint presentation, or a set of blog posts, on that site. Good, practical advice. Kinda reminds me of M&M, actually....