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BLUF: Any recommendations for a cast that might help with the scenerio below?

Three days ago my new boss started in her position, and unknown to me, arranged 1:1 meetings with all my directs. I learned this from my directs.

I'm feeling mildly annoyed and unsettled, while appreciating she is the new boss and can do what she wants.

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Map of the Universe | Relationships | Boss | Communication | "Never Step Out of the Middle" paired with "I Have a New Boss".

Map of the Universe | Communication | With Your Boss | -- seems likely next.  Especially "Managing Your Boss" and "Relationship Errors: Trying to Change Your Boss" and "Relationship Errors: Not Putting Your Relationship With Your Boss First".

Map of the Universe | Relationships | Boss | Difficult / Bad Boss | "My Boss Skips Me" might give some insights on motivations and possible ways to help keep this situation from getting rougher than it needs to be.  Other podcasts under Map of the Universe | Relationships | Boss | "Communication" | could apply too, such as "Disagreeing With Your Boss".

If these are one-and-done meetings, or few and bounded, she's getting to know them;  leave be.

If they'll recur, at least as frequently as your MT O3's with your directs, you'll have to figure out a gentle way to unload that duty back to you from your (most likely untrained and MT-oblivious) new boss.  "Relationship Errors: Trying to Change Your Boss" will help greatly here while you try to work out her (most likely unintentional) violations of span-of-control and chain-of-authority.

Maybe offer her the Map of the Universe as a resource worth awareness for others [and (unspoken) herself]?

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Thank you, jrb3.  I will review the resources.


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Joseph! These are great recommendations, thanks for such a thorough and helpful response!