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 Just wanted to share my first experience with a recruiter-

Her company is 30-years old and specializes in my industry. She's worked on 600 placements.

She called my restaurant and asked for me during the busy part of our shift. Hours of operation are easily accessible online, so this seemed odd. We scheduled a call for the next day and I asked over email who referred me. She said, "When we have a search, we reach out to candidates at 'similar' restaurants and just call."

Her first question was what our location's yearly revenue was, which I answered. The most surprising thing was her response when I asked about the job description. She said, "Well, uh, it's just what a normal assistant general manager would do. I'm sorry... I don't really have a job description here."

I know not all recruiters are John Lucht, but is this lack of prep normal for an experienced recruiter?



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Hi David,

It's sounds as though all this irritated you.  Don't let it.  Here's my take on the situation.  The recruiter likely works in many industries and wasn't aware of the busy part of your shift.  The professional response from you should be, that you are unable to speak as it's the busy part of the shift and that you would call her back later at a mutually agreeable time.  Nothing wrong with that.  The reason for the question on revenue is she was wanting to know the size of your operation and based on that you would be suitable for the open position.  Many businesses can be deceiving in their size and scope.  The lack of a job description probably comes from her client.  Many times businesses don' t have a job description and the recruiter has no choice but to recruit without one.  It looks bad but I've seen many great jobs without a job description because it's a reflection on HR not that actual job.

All sounds fairly normal to me.