Are there any MT meet ups scheduled in NYC or the surrounding area. Would love to meet and socialize with others from here.


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I'd be very interested in doing that as well. I'll check back in a week, if there's some interest, I'll try to organize something.



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I would happily attend a meet up in the NYC area. 


- Marc

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I would love it as well count me in.

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Cool, I'll organize one... I'll let you know when it's up.

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There are others in the NYC area (like me) who'd be interested.  

John Hack

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thanks for setting it up.

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 I'm headed off to an unemployment hearing this morning, so I ate my wheaties and ran 4 miles so I'm ready.

I would love to join a NYC Mgmt Toolz group. I'm always looking for better ways to manage my team.  I have 60 directs,45 are union employees and Im in the middle of contract negotiations - who knew management could be so much fun!


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Hey all,

Sorry for the downtime. I'm now in a position to move forward properly.

Let's set up a New York City meetup.  If interested, send me a private email here on the board and include your email address.

I'll follow up with info and the eventbrite information.

Thanks all,


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 Hey all,

I've followed up with everyone who posted here. I'll post meetup details shortly.'s picture

Thanks and let me know!


Elisabeth Hendler

Fundraising & Executive Consulting

[email protected]


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 Hello folks,

We're rolling. We can host the first meeting at my office and take it from there.

Thoughts on the agenda? Would you rather try and keep the first meet up looser and more for mingling, or do you like the idea of discussing group topics?


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Thanks for organizing the first meeting. It was great. Looking forward to continuing the discussion and helping the group grow.



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Hey all,

The second Manager Tools meetup is scheduled for Wed, 10/10, on 29th street in Manhattan.

Please go here to register:

Agenda and notes from the previous meeting will be emailed out tomorrow (Tues) night to all attendees.



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 Hello New Yorkers,

Hope you all doing well after the storm and weren't affected too badly. The Manager Tools NYC meetup for November has been cancelled, but we'll resume normal service in December. 

Thanks everybody,


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Hi all,

We lost some momentum last year, but I want to see if we can get this going again.

If you remain interested in a NYC Manager-Tools Meetup, I've created a group at

Please join us there. I'll cross-post all events, so you won't miss out.

More to come shortly,





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Now that summer is winding down and many of us are back from vacations, let's schedule a real, live, in-person Meetup (
This will be an unstructured event for us to simply meet, greet and caffeinate. Grab a cup of coffee or a pint of beer, and we'll share thoughts and ideas for what would make the group most helpful to you in your career.
Think Coffee has lots of space, free WiFi, and is located at 73 Eighth Avenue (Between 13th and 14th Streets).

More Info and RSVP here:

Looking forward to meeting everyone.

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How was the meetup in 2013? Any interest in a subsequent one?