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I am currently looking for my next opportunity to continue growing my career. Multiple leaders in the organization have helped support me, and say that they, too, think I'm ready for the next step. My immediate leader left recently, and I applied for that role. I didn't get the promotion, but the candidate who was accepted will do a fine job. In my current role there are limited opportunities for advancement otherwise.

It has not been a secret that I am looking for my next step. My leader, her leader, and multiple other directors and VPs in the org have supported my readiness for promotion. I've also been upfront and honest about the fact that I have moved from being interested in other positions to actively seeking my next role. I recently updated my LinkedIn status to "open for work" to try and help activate my external network (along with reaching out directly to others). Since changing my status, I've been approached by multiple people letting me know they would keep an eye out, so for me it was worth the change.

I was recently approached and asked to consider changing my status so only recruiters can see my status. There is concern that other people in the organization have commented on my status change (which has been up over two months), and that it might "send the wrong signal" to people in our department. I politely explained the benefit I've seen with changing my status, and that I know how it will be perceived by others in the org. I like my company, and am engaged in my current position, and look forward to taking my next step when the time comes. What would you do in my scenario?