Hi Everyone,

  I just wanted to hear some thoughts.  I have been having a tough time, I was number one in sales in my job in 2012 for accounts under 1 million.  It took 3 years for a position to open up that was in my area and promoted me to work with c level executives in fortune 500 businesses.  I currently work in accounts under 1 million in sales of a specific product.  I applied for this job and I thought I had it in the bag because everyone speaks so highly of me.  I thought it would have been a good chance for my promotion and I got many peers to give me references because everyone knew I would do a good job.  There were others competing for the same position that I did not know and it came down to me and 1 other person.  After 3 face to face meetings with 3 different sales people, I ended up not getting the position and the hiring manager stated there is nothing I could have done.  If this other person did not apply I would have gotten the job and been great at it.  I ignored these feelings at first but I saw that my motivation to be number 1 has been down.  It really affects me because now I procrastinate and I don't have the mojo I had before I applied for this position.  This is the first job I have ever loved and I am so good at it.  It is just such a hard pill to swallow and I feel stuck right now.  It's been hard for me to get the motivation to be number 1 again.  I try to force myself to do it but it has been a tough ordeal. Things that were so easy, are now so hard because If I work I want to be the best.  The best was not enough to give me this promotion.  I want to get things back on track and recently the new hire contacted me and we actually became good friends because I could see why he got the job.  He has a lot of c level experience and great business acumen.  He did not know we were competing and I worked hard to help him get on board.  He speaks very highly of me also, and we have a great relationship but I can not get myself on board to be the top sales person again.  It is very daunting, and I have been thinking of applying somewhere else, but I don't want to.  I see myself getting very high in this company if given the right opportunity but as of right now, it is so tough to deal with this  because I hear a lot of promises and nothing has happened yet.  Some advice would be lovely.

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Honestly: That sounds wonderful.

If the new guy really is as great as it seems -- and you get over your momentary frustration (which I completely understand, btw) -- the two of you will deliver shining results. You apparently have some things you could observe and learn from him to get even better. Plus, the two of you get along well, so you could even have a blast while crushing the competition.

Maybe he will need to get promoted first, but then, latest, it will be your turn. Only if he moves up and you don't succeed, I'd re-evaluate.

Good luck!