Hello All,

My Assistant GM leads a team of 7. He is extremely passive and as a result, his team lacks synergy and focus. They like him a lot but they have been verbal about their desire for him to be a more assertive in his role. What ideas and/or resources would you suggest for his growth...and for mine? After all, I have to give him this feedback in our 1-on-1 tomorrow.

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If you're far enough in the trinity rollout you can use the coaching model. If he hasn't read it already, the Effective Executive by Drucker may be a good place for him to start. In addition to that, if the budget is available, you could send him to the Effective Manager Conference that Mark and his team hold. Bottom line, make sure that he knows that he is responsible for results and retention. It sounds like both may start to waiver if he doesn't make some changes. 

Good luck!


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As a High C with S tendenancies surrounded by Ds, I can sympathize.  Have you tried crafting additional goals with deadlines/reporting for him with his personality in mind?  It sounds like he first needs to get moving, gain some urgency and confidence, and then the other parts of "assertiveness" will slowly display themself. 

Look at his past work and see where he actually took action: was it analysis and brainstorming, cheering up the group after a long slog, making the most beautiful presentation ever?  All of those can be used to translate directly into executing. 

Once he starts with forward momentum, he'll become more impatient with anything that causes delays.  That impatience for what isn't "right" is the root of all good assertiveness.