For an initial interview – the typical phone screen – what are thoughts on whether that still needs to be done over the phone or if video (Zoom/Webex/whatever platform) is preferable now?

Is video the "no-brainer" preference, now that everyone is using it? Or is there still benefit to actually talking over the phone for that introductory conversation (e.g. to hear how they interact when there's no face-to-face option)?

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I'm a fan of using video if it's available.

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After losing almost 15 minutes of a longer follow-up interview trying to get Webex to work, I think I'm going to stick with phone calls for initial screening. Following Mark's recommendation of a 30-minute phone screening, I don't know that it's worth the potential hassle to try to get video to work on such a short meeting with someone who might not have used the particular system we use in our office.

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I am fine of using video, it is more like comfortable for me. 

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It is okay for me either a phone or video call for an interview. But for an initial screening, a phone interview is good. And final interview, before hiring, a video call is suitable.