. . . or is asking for a raise 'galactically stupid' behavior?

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I forget when it was, but I thought I remembered Mark saying that was a bad idea once.

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There is an MT Podcast which might address this:

"Preparing for YOUR Review" in two Parts

* July 31 2006: Preparing for YOUR Review (Part 1 of 2)
* August 10 2006: Preparing for YOUR Review (Part 2 of 2)

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We do have a cast about asking for a raise. Patience!



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In one of the earlier podcasts its been said that demanding / asking for a raise is just not done -- it should be based around performance reviews.

I am considering pushing for a raise or changing employer. Advise will be greatly appreciated.. read on.

Some background about myself. I am an ex-C# programmer (non-manager, just a 'worker-bee') who have been fulltime employed >1 year at a small 12-man outsourcing company as Information Analyst.
My remuneration is similair to being freelancer, because it consists only of a fixed monthly salary and car allowance. Benefits such as pension plan, training programs etc. etc are non- existent. My employer doesn’t feature formal performance reviews.
The feedback from management (at various client' sites) are mostly very positive encouraging me to be of value to people around me. In the DISC model you'd put me definitely in the high "I"-category.

My current situation:
* Monthly fixed salary.
* No pension plan / other benefits.
* No training allowances.
* 21 payed vacation days per year.

My desire is it to be like this;
* A general pay increase of 20% on my current gross salary.
* Pay me 70% of my selling price;
--> Which may never be less than my gross + 5%.
* When doing "internal" jobs pay me at gross salary.
* Retaining my current car allowance.
* Provide regular (3 monthly) performance reviews.

What’s the best approach for negotiating myself a better salary?