Mark and Mike advise in the podcasts to always go to internal interviews.

Does this hold when I work in compliance and I am required to be independent from sales, and I am told by my managers that they are not interested in compliance staff that want to join the sales team because of possible indirect conflict of interest? 

I may jeopardize my future career in compliance if I actively respond to open positions in sales, and I am interested in continuing my career in compliance. At the same time, I was told that sales positions pay significantly more and I am curious to find out.

I have not been asked to interview for a specific position in sales, but I was asked by a senior sales HR person if I would be interested in moving to a sale role. Any advice please?

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 It really depends on what you want from your career.

 Assuming you could make a decent living in either profession, which would you prefer?



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Hi Michael, i would be happy to continue in my field. Although I wouldn't know if it would be more interesting if I switched to sales as it would be a transition to an entirely new area for me.