I joined a new firm a year back as an HR.I have set up the whole HR department from scratch and has brought in various innovations and ideas to the department .My manager sits in another country and he has plans to hire another HR person so that he can bifocate the HR roles.In effect my growth opportunity in the company will be shut and I will end up doing only a monotonous job.5 months earlier he said that he was under immense pressure to hire an HR -Manager and he is not doing that as he wants someone from internally to grow to that level and he said if I am looking for it I will have to work really hard.For every initiatives that I bring in he always says send an email to him and he will talk to the directors.Last week I sent a mail to him ccing the directors and he said I dont have to mail them as they are very busy with work,In future he said to me that I will have to only mail him and not the directors.I feel that all my ideas are being used and I am not getting the credit for it.I am thinking of asking for a promotion but I am not sure how to write an email.Please let me know your thoughts on how to handle this situation