Good Morning

Firstly I feel in best to thank the MT team for the opportunity to be involved in this amazing venture.

My name is Richard, I am a sales Manager working for a branded Leisure club in the UK, I have held this position for the last 4 years, My ultimate goal at present is promotion to Leisure Club Manager. This I belive is well within my level of experiance and skill. I dearly hope that I can reach out to any sales managers or GM within the industry for advice on best practice to make my goal a reality. Hearing and talking to people in the US will be a dream.

Pod cast media I belive is ideal for my learning style and I have loaded up my I pod and am working my way through the archives. I Love the shows and Im already reaping the beniffits. I have since held great meetings, 1-2-1 and re written my C.V and I have only been listening for couple of week. I can see the potential value of MT and plan to contribute where I can.

I care dearly about the development of my teams and enjoy seeing them reach their potential.


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Welcome aboard sir!

Glad we're helping you in achieving your goal.