I'm interviewing and will have to provide references. I've been out of college for 7 years - 2 years at my previous firm and 5 years at my current job. I can use my boss at my last job as a reference, but no one at my current company because they don't know I'm interviewing and it would be very bad if they found out and I didn't get an offer.

Given my position at the organization, the only people I could use for a reference would be my boss (CEO) or the CFO and I know the CFO would tell my boss immediately, so that's out.

Since this job is where most of my professional experience comes from, I'm sure the employer will want a reference related to this job.

So ... how weird/inappropriate would it be to offer up my last couple of performance reviews in lieu of an actual reference?

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Any comments on this?   What about peer references?  I'm curious to here other's thoughts.

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Have you listened to the Sharing Your References cast?

The MT recommendation in the cast is to have at least eight references. If you are under 25 then five: 3 professional and 2 personal. I do not recommend attempting to use a performance review as a substitute.

With whom do you communicate in your industry outside of your company? You may wish to also review the cast on networking.