I started a new job in January this year.  A great new job with a significant title and salary increase has come my way and I don't know how to leave without completely hosing my current company.

Any thoughts about this, or is this just a "Put in a notice and be prepared for bad feelings" sort of situation?






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The job you took in January this year: is it a job in new company or have you worked for that company for 2 years before and it was like a promotion you didn't really have to apply for?

If you take the new job, and another job comes along after say 8 weeks, with an even more significant title and a even higher salary, would you then do the same again, and again?

Have you listened to the CareerTools cast: "I hate my new Job"?



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 It is a new company.  

That scenario is unlikely, but I would certainly consider it if the opportunity made sense.

I don't hate my new job.  I'm not looking because I don't like my new position. This opportunity I am considering leaving for is just a rare position at the VP level with a good company.  VP positions are extremely rare in my line of work.




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I would recommend you apply, and get an offer, then decide what to do.  If you truly get the offer, then you can decide whether or not to take it.  Clearly, changing after such a short time is going to put a blip on your resume.  However, this will likely only become a serious issue if things do not go well and you are back looking for a job in less than 2 years.  If you are not out looking for another job for another 5 years, then it will have been a good decision. 

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I am not that experienced myself, but maybe you would like to check out this forum discussion:

"Already accepted an offer, can I change my mind later?"

Good Luck.

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Just a follow up and a bump for this thread. I got the offer for the VP position and accepted, with a start date 5 weeks out.  Any further suggestions?  Resign normally and prepare for my manager to be angry?