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I am currently updating my resume. I've been at my current company for 10 years (2014-Present) in various roles at an EMR company. I have previously held sales positions in pharmaceutical and medical device but those positions date back to 2007-Feb 2013. How do I outline my sales accomplishments if I don't have the exact dollars in revenue. Knowing I did exceed my sales quotas and YOY growth Is it ok to state something vague like "Exceeded annual sales targets/quotas by securing net new business and upselling to existing clients"? or do I just take a stab at a "ballmark" sales figure?  It might be important to note that I am looking at positions that are sales related. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


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Being off $5k or $10k won't matter if you're talking about six- or seven-figure targets.

The sales folks I've known round anyway.  Gather what figures you remember in whatever form they were, eg "25% over revenue quota of $100k" or "met $1M yearly revenue target a month early".

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In my experience, close to 0% of resumes have any form of measurable acheivement. Since this job was so long ago, it should take less space on your resume anyway. You might be able to estimate the number of months you hit goal (acheived sales goal over 95% of all months measured), specific recognition (salesperson of the month 2x), or a minimum threshold you always acheived (over 200k in sales monthly), . It may not look as admirable, but it will still be an actual accomplishment that is truthful. 


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Thanks so much! I was thinking the same about the job being quite dated. Appreciate your advice and approach