Rather than blindly grab the first book on the topic that "looks good to me", I am hopeful that asking the wisdom of fellow managers will be more effective.

I have just an inkling there may be proven organizational structures beyond what I can see from my own experience.  

I was considering picking up this book:

Have you read it?   Have you read something else in this area you found to be valuable?

My team is struggling with our organizational structure that is designed around functional areas (software development, qa, systems engineering) and which tackles projects under project and program managers to accomplish projects.   It is a significant tension for people who feel like they have "two bosses."    Perhaps it is unavoidable, I would like to educate myself more on organizational structures beyond function and matrix.

Thanks in advance for any pointers you may give.





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 I found myself in the unfortunate position of managing a matrix pool last year.  My directs were all dispatched on various project teams.  I did a lengthy study on how to handle the situation.  I am happy to share my resulting deck with you, pm me with your email addy and I'm happy to send it.

Things that really helped me:

- the 3 casts on matrix management (I believe 2 are in manager and 1 in career casts)

- the cast of the licensee conference call from I believe it was Q3 or Q4 of 2012, where Mark answered a question about  effectively managing directs who are in a scrum team

- Matrix Management Success, Method Not Magic, by Ronald A. Gunn.

- Ronald Gunn's deck entitled "Unleashing the Power of Horizontal Teams at NOAA", which I found on the web