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Good a evening!
I would like your input about a situation that happened to me at work recently.  Two years ago I started a new job Managing directs who are working temporarily in another department.  During the winter I was transferred  to a new boss who requested me in is team.  During that time, situations happened with the boss from the other department and I did not feel supported from my boss.  A month ago, my boss informed me that he gave my job description to the boss of this other department and he also offered  her to "ratify" every tasks and responsibilities from my job description she may think I should not have.  (Apparently there was doubling work.  However I already knew that the only doubling we had was the selection of these directs.  This was confirmed to me by HR).   I was also told to remove myself from 75% of my job description.  I ask my boss if he could gave me some feedback and I was ready to take it!  I aksed him what was going on, if he could tell me what I was supposed to do now.  He replied to me "I am trying to rebuild the relationship between our department and this department. You haven't done anything wrong and you did an amazing Job.  We will try to find something else to replace what you have lost".  Can my Boss gave this other boss from another department my job description and can she decide to remove whatever she wants?  I have to be honest here, I am quite demotivated and confused!   Thanks for your input!  Sometimes having another pair of eyes with experience can be helpful.  


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--- Not taking into account Company Policy if there is one ...
--- and some States may have laws about how much of a JD can change ---

In general,

A Job description should be an interplay between the Department head and HR.

It really should only be the department head, but HR helps keep the organization on track and makes the process easier to manage for larger organizational reasons.

Sure it would be a good management practice to include the employee, but that is not necessary. It would be wise.

The Boss can define the job in any way he/she wants.  And the Boss can consult with other departments and HR on the process.

In fact it is probably a good idea to let the other Boss in a related department have a look and make suggestions.

Remember that the Job did not exist at some time in the past;  Not until some Boss said --- I need another person to do --- XYZ tasks.

So, there is nothing wrong with the Boss deciding that tasks be removed or added or changed.

That being said, there is an implied agreement that an employee was hired on for a particular Job description and a new one should not vary too much from that without discussion.

You did right to ask about good communication about this.

And, yes, the Boss can change it --- and ask anyone they want for input.

It is better than being laid of, because your duties are no longer needed.

--- And there may be some politics that you are not aware of – so be flexible and pay attention.


Good Luck




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Thank you TJPuccio.  I didn't know some of these facts that you brought up.  Your response was informative and a good learning curve for me.    Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.