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I'm trying to fill out the DISC assessment, and it's a challenge for me to self-analyze. I think I need the right frame of mind and could use some advice of which "me" to think of when doing it.

I've been in a customer-facing technical role for 15 years, the last year as a manager of a team of 5. In the customer-facing role (which has some heavy sales/influencing aspects), I find myself extremely capable, influencing, etc. It's similar when I'm working on technical problems (e.g. I love to brainstorm new product ideas). I'd characterize myself as an "I".

As a manager, though, I find that I fall into more "S" tendencies with maybe some "C". It's a challenge for me to make decisions about assigning new clients to my directs, as I'm trying to make a perfect match every time and afraid of messing up or putting a burden on someone. I struggle to confront and give feedback. It's easy for me to find fault (nitpicking) and harder for me to find things to give positive feedback on.

So what mindset should I take when approaching the DISC assessment? Should I meditate on my management struggles as I do it, or think more completely of my role within the company with customers, management, etc? Until I figure this out, I don't want to click "submit", which hesitation is I'm sure itself a sign of some DISC vector.


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 Hi Nicegilles,

The purpose of the DISC profile is to provide insight into your natural tendencies. Trying to put yourself into the proper frame of mind to get the right answers defeats the value of the DISC profile.

I never believed in personality tests before I took DISC and I still am skeptical. When I read my profile, I literally got gooseflesh on most of it. I shared it with some friends and pointed out the parts they got wrong as a may to validate my own skepticism about this type of test and was told I was smoking crack. The profile was as accurate to nine decimal places. It told me things about myself I already knew and, more importantly, it told me things I needed to know but did not. Don't be surprise if you do not have the profile you think you do. I am a higher I and lower C than I would have believed before I took the profile.

Just pick the answer that appeals to you first. Even for a high C or high S, this has to be a Ready-Fire-Aim task to be as accurate as it needs to be. Of course, that just might be my high D talking.



Ed Zaun

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In preparation for the ECC I took the official DISC profile. I was a bit shocked at the measures. 

I believe it was Maggie who bounced it back to me and told me to do it over. I thought too much. Her recommendation was to get through quickly and not think. It really DID nail my profile after that. 

Remember that we can all function in any of the categories when we think about it.  What is your natural tendency.

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Thanks, Ed and MFCULBERT. I think you're both in sync with the best bet. That said, I still think it makes sense for me to at least fill this out in my office instead of at home!

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Thanks again, folks.

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Well.... what did it say?