Hi everyone!

Anyone want to meet up for dinner on the Tuesday night before the conference in Sydney?

Preferably in or around the hotel - for us out-of-towners flying in and staying on site.

Looking forward to meeting you all there.



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Hi Paul

there is 2 of us coming from Melbourne but not sure what time we are arriving on Tue night.


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Slight change of plans for me. I'm also flying up from Melbourne but needed to change my flight - now landing in Sydney about 9pm (DJ887).

I'm still eager to say hello to anyone either at the airport in Melbourne or in the hotel, maybe at the bar. Otherwise will see you all in the morning!


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My flight is confirmed and I'll be at the hotel in time for pre-conf dinner.

Let me know if I should look out for you.

-- Peter

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Sounds great Peter. Not sure if you want to hang out until 9.30 for dinner:which is about the time I'll get to the hotel.

if not, not to worry. will see you at breakfast soon enough.

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we land at 6:25 (DJ0869) from Melbourne and would like to catch up. Has anyone gone through all the podcasts yet?

Counting down the sleeps....


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Hi All,

For those of you out of town.

Unless you eat at the Mercure there is nothing around that I am aware of and I live and work in Sydney.

Options are:

10 mins by taxi to Marrickville for great Asian food like Vietnamese, or

10 mins by taxi to Newtown for anything you can think of on what is the biggest shopping strip in the souther hemisphere and most probably your best option for late night dining, drinking, desert and or coffee.

Let me know if you want me to organise anything, otherwise see you in the morning.

Cheers Allan

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Let's do this:

Could you please nominate either an eatery or a location in Newtown (good "value" if possible - I'm on a budget!).

I'll be there at 7:30 and if anyone else wants to join (assuming they see this post!), they're welcome.

Then I reckon head back to the hotel from say about 9pm and hang out at "Bradley's Bar" at the hotel, where anyone else coming later can drop in and say hello.

How does that sound?

-- Peter

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Hi all

I arrive in to Syd @ 7.20pm on the Tues night and will check in to the Mecure thereafter.

Will probably catch you at the Bradley's Bar @ 9pm Peter if you are there at that time.

I'll be the guy with longish hair, glasses and a beard.


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Hi everyone,

Originally only able to get a spot at the ECC, but actually managed to get in to the EMC too after being on the waiting list. Yay!

So will be coming over on Tuesday from Perth now, but got heaps to do in the afternoon/evening (still business hours in WA until 8pm EDST) so will be looking forward to catching up with people at the bar @ 9pm.

Should we all wear red carnations?? ;o)

 "Has anyone gone through all the podcasts yet?" - CCALVA

Madly cramming. Have been listening non stop for the last 4 weeks - feeling a little brainwashed actually! Is it a problem when you can hear Mark's voice when you don't actually have your iPod on? Or start using MT quotes in everyday conversations? I'm surprised someone hasn't asked me if  "effective" is my word of the month...

See you all soon.

Cheers, Michelle


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Hi All,

Peter head for the Dendy Cinemas in Newtown 251-263 King St Newtown.

Cheap eats are available all around you on either side of the cinema and across the road ranging from cafes, bars, pasta, noodles and gellato, chinese, vietnamese, you name it and you can get a meal for under $15.

Happy to meet you and or anyone else @ the Dendy and if so, call or text me on my mobile 0412 474 324 to confirm.

Also happy to meet at the Mercure bar after for a drink before heading home, as I want to make sure I am fresh for Paul and Mark in the ice cave lol.

Cheers Allan :)

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Great to have people getting together. Sounds like we'll have a great time next week!

I'll make it to the bar after 9 and try and find others. I'll be the tall geeky guy that you just KNOW works with computers for a living.

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OK, Thanks Allan, we have a meeting point!

Dendy Cinemas in Newtown 251-263 King St Newtown

If others are planning on beng there, PM me and I'll give you my mobile phone number for contact on the night ...

-- Peter

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Really excited about heading over to Sydney next week. Hopefully Ant and I will meet you guys on Tuesday night. Madly finishing my homework and trying to figure out how many layers of warm clothing to pack without breaking my baggage allowance.


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looks like we'll see everyone for drinks



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Hi all,

I arrive from Melbourne flying Virgin (because I have paid too much not to have a reliable flight) and look forward to a drink or two in Bradley's to say hello as well.



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I will be arriving early this afternoon. I'll try to get to Newtown (and will call if doing so) otherwise I'll see you at Bradleys Bar at 9pm.

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Attending the workshop on both days    My wife is a senior manager in the Australina Public Service and I recently retired but continue to coach younger managers  we are looking forward to some great learning and meeting you all   We are arriving early evening and will see if we can make th meal but we will be at the bar for sure   See you all soon  


Steve Prothero


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Yes, great idea Paul, thanks. I'll come to Bradleys Bar, my flight will be landing from Melbourne ~8.30, so I should get there some between 9 and 10.

Phone 0419 766 seven seven six.

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Hi All,

I'm still planning on eating at Newtown. I'll be at Dendy Cinemas at 7:30.

Dendy Cinemas in Newtown 251-263 King St Newtown

My mobile is 0400 447 seven four two

-- Peter